WordPress Plugins

IMPORTANT: due to my job, I’m now too busy to maintain my plugins.

These plugins have been abandoned!

If you are a developer and would like to fork, feel free to do so (under the GPLv3 license). No need to contact me.

Here are the WordPress plugins I developed:

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actually…. i don’t know anything about that “WP plugin”
what is it?
where is it?
would you explain it to me?
via email is ok…
i want to add smilies too…
:-S :-S

@andyan: WP plugin stands for “WordPress plugin”, a piece of software that extends your WordPress installation, with other features.
If you want to add smileys like on this page, and you already use WordPress in your site, just follow this link.

If you don’t already use WordPress, you can get it here.

I have been using the popular posts plugin for a few weeks now and I must say it is a nice little plugin to have on any site.

It’s quick and easy to use so I can find out fast which posts are performing the best and which ones need improvement. Great job,


I love popular posts it is a very effective plugin and a great way to keep your readers updated with the important things you want to say with your blog. Hooray for wordpress plugins. What a great world it is to have such easy access to tools that keep our readers informed.

@Mike D, You said “WP Plugins make things a lot easier.”

I totally agree. When I first started to build sites, I coded them by hand. That’s great until your site gets to large and you have to make edits. WordPress has changed my life and the plugins make things that much easier. Thanks so much for this Stats plugin. I have been looking all over for something like this. Cheers!

@Mike D, You said “WP Plugins make things a lot easier.”

I concur Mike. The amount of plugins that we have available at our fingertips is great. One of my very small WP blogs uses abut 8 of them, but they are all useful. We have to tip our collective hats to the software developers who have taken the time to create a lot of the great plugins!