Smilies Themer Toolbar

IMPORTANT: due to my job, I’m now too busy to maintain my plugins.

This plugin has been abandoned!

If you are a developer and would like to fork, feel free to do so (under the GPLv3 license). No need to contact me.

Smilies Themer Toolbar provides a toolbar to easily add custom smilies to comments.

It integrates with Smilies Themer plugin, and therefore requires it.

You can change your smilies theme in your blog, and the toolbar is automagically updated!


  • Download and install Smilies Themer plugin (required)
  • Download Smilies Themer Toolbar
  • Extract the files in the .zip archive, and upload them (including subfolders) to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  • Enjoy!

Note: if you like the smilies theme in this page, you can download it here.

Theme integration

By default, Smilies Themer Toolbar is placed after the comments form, but if you want to put it in a nicer position, don’t worry, it isn’t that difficult.

Edit your theme and put this code where you want to show the toolbar:

<?php if (function_exists('sm_toolbar_show')) sm_toolbar_show();?>


Please see the FAQ to see the full list of changes.

I’m having issues!

Start reading the FAQ, and if your issue still isn’t solved, try to comment this page.


Smilies Themer Toolbar is released under a GPL v3 license.

If you like this plugin, then buy me a coffee!

352 risposte su “Smilies Themer Toolbar”

Now you can download my Pidgin Smilies Theme.

Can you please add option to add this toolbar in admin area
I’m working on this.

Only first line of smileys being displayed on my blog.
Also in IE 6, black box surrounding smileys is shown.
You were using MSN-Messenger theme, that only includes 9 icons. Therefore only 9 icons were shown.

You see a black box because the images are in .png format, and IE6 really sucks managing transparences, as you can see.
You could convert all these images in .gif format, and then manually edit the package-config.php inside your theme folder, renaming all the smilies from image.png to image.gif.

I downloaded the theme and uploaded it in the smilies themer. When I go over to settings to select this particular theme, I don’t see it listed over there though. :(

Hi :-)
You should have the *.png files, and package-config.php inside this path: /wp-content/plugins/smilies-themer/pidgin

Maybe they are in another subfolder?

I don’t have ” package-config.php ” in the flie that I downloaded from thr link which you provided

The current path is : /wp-content/plugins/smilies-themer/

There is no folder like pigdin. Am I missing something?? :-(

O-) I think you downloaded the whole set of icons (not the smilies themer package)…
You can download the package clicking on the big Download link :-) or here.


Is there any progress by adding the toolbar to the adminpanel? It would be great if it works with tinymce editor… Let me know. (Y)

Sweet plugin and a nice enhancement of the Smilies Themer…! But is there any way you could make your toolbar work together with TinyMCEcomments (…?!?

That would be sooo awesome…!!

The dev of TinyMCEcomments says it should be fairly easy for others to adapt their plugins to his, but I have no clue how to do that myself…!

[quote]Making TinyMCEComments work with other plugins:

TinyMCEComments provides a JavaScript function insertHTML(text) which could be used by other plugins on the same page. It is used for inserting customized content generated by other plugins into the TinyMCE editor.[/quote]

So please check out the possibilities of including a few changes to make it work — if you can…!?

@NSpeaks, Michael, All:
v1.0 shows the toolbar also in the admin area.
It’s a new feature, so it’s likely to have bugs. Please report any issue you have. 8-)