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IMPORTANT: due to my job, I’m now too busy to maintain my plugins.

This plugin has been abandoned!

If you are a developer and would like to fork, feel free to do so (under the GPLv3 license). No need to contact me. Popular Posts integrates with Stats plugin, providing a widget to show the most viewed posts.


  • From v2.0.0, WordPress 2.8 is required. If you are using an older version of WordPress, use v1.3.5 of this plugin.
  • Install Stats plugin (required at least v1.2!!!)
  • Download Popular Posts
  • Extract the files in the .zip archive, and upload them (including subfolders) to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  • Place the widget where you like in your sidebars
  • Enjoy!

Themes Integration

If your theme supports widgets, you can place the widget named ‘Popular Posts’ where you want.

If it doesn’t, put this code inside the file sidebar.php, in your theme files:

<?php if (function_exists('WPPP_show_popular_posts')) WPPP_show_popular_posts(); ?>

Optionally you can add some parameters to the function, in this format:

name=value&name=value etc.

Possible names are:

  • title (title of the widget, you can add tags (e.g. <h3>Popular Posts</h3>) default: Popular Posts)
  • number (number of links shown, default: 5)
  • days (length of the time frame of the stats, default 0, i.e. infinite)
  • show (what you want to show; it can be: both, posts, pages; default is both)
  • format(the format of the links shown, default:
    <a href='%post_permalink%' title='%post_title%'>%post_title%</a>


  • excerpt_length (the length of the excerpt, if %post_excerpt% is used in the format)
  • title_length (the length of the title links, default 0, i.e. unlimited)
  • exclude (the list of post/page IDs to exclude, separated by commas. Read the FAQ for instructions)
  • cutoff (don’t show posts/pages with a view count under this number, default 0, i.e. unlimited)
  • list_tag (can be: ul, ol, none, default ul)
  • category (the ID of the category, see the FAQ for info. Default 0, i.e. all categories)
  • cachename (it is used to enable the cache. Please read the FAQ).

You can use these special markers in the format value:

  • %post_permalink% the link to the post
  • %post_title% the title the post
  • %post_title_attribute%the title of the post; use this in attributes, e.g.
    <a title='%post_title_attribute%'...
  • %post_views% number of views
  • %post_excerpt% the first n characters of the content. Set n in the widget options.
  • %post_category% the category of the post

If you want to show the widget without any title, the 3 most viewed articles, in the last week, and in this format: My Article (123 views) you will use this:

<?php WPPP_show_popular_posts( "title=&number=3&days=7&format=<a href='%post_permalink%' title='%post_title_attribute%'>%post_title% (%post_views% views)</a>" );?>

If you want to include the list in a particular page or post, you can use shortcodes. Please read the FAQ for further info.


Please read other updated FAQ here.


You can read the whole changelog on the project page.


Download latest version of Popular Posts
for WordPress 2.8+

or v1.3.5 for WordPress < 2.8

License Popular Posts is released under a GPL v3 license.

This plugin required many hours of development. If you like this plugin, then buy me a coffee!

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very nice plugin, but is it possible for me to add number of post views in front of the list of most view posts?

Excellent Plugin!

I do have a suggestion tho for it. When I tried to install it on my blog, it changes the formatting for the title of the sidebar. Where it says Popular Posts it is aligned left and different text than my normal sidebar. Is there a way to change some formatting on it so it looks like the rest of my sidebar titles?

@Eagle: implemented in v1.0
@iJohn: it should be fixed in v1.0. Now it is formatted by the theme. Let me know if it did the trick :-)

Thanks for this plugin. It’s working great.

I am having some troubles with customizing the formatting to match the stylesheet of my theme. When I call the function in my sidebar.php file, are the results returned with a tag or something? I seem to have a bullet point associated with each popular post item that I can’t seem to get rid of.

Thanks for your help,

Actually, every link is part of an unordered list:

So, you must follow these steps:
– download and install latest version, v1.0.1 (that addresses your issue)
– add something like this to your style.css file (in your theme folder):

ul.wppp_list li {
  list-style-type: none;

to remove the bullet.
(just tried on your site, with firebug, and it does the job).
If you know some CSS, you’ll be able to fully customize it.
Enjoy! :-D

@frasten: Thanks! The information about the wppp_list class is exactly what I needed. It’s working great now – and I customized using CSS. All the best, and thanks again for the fast response.

I activated the plugin, but when I go to wp-admin/widgets.php to add the widget, I got this error:

Fatal error: Only variables can be passed by reference in ~/public_html/wp-content/plugins/stats.php on line 548 2.5.0 Stats 1.2.1

Hi, it’s a Stats issue.
However, I looked at the code, and this happens when you have a corrupted stats cache.
To fix it you have to manually execute (via phpMyAdmin or similar) this query, in your WordPress database:

DELETE FROM wp_options WHERE option_name = 'stats_cache'

Next time you reload the page, the cache will be re-created and it should work as expected.

that time I check this page, I couldn’t see the comments, but now I have them,

by wish list you mean, you gonna add it later, or we have now, and just need to do some configuration?

thanks alot

@Eagle: the wishlist is a feature request list that I keep.
However your request was implemented in v1.0.
To put the number of post views you can customize the widget options, changing the format to something like:

<a href='%post_permalink%' title='%post_title%'>%post_title% (%post_views%)</a>

@Lealcy B. Junior: something must be wrong with your installation of Stats.
Your cache gets broken every time it is recreated.

Try to contact the authors at and/or